Questions & Answers

We know entering into something new can be very daunting so we have setup a page of most asked questions to set your mind at rest.


Q) I work late & early shifts are you able to accomodate this within your service ?

A) We accept ironing within the hours of 7am - 8pm but if you would like to arrange something outside of these hours that can be arranged. 


Q) Will you come at an exact time?

A) We will, we feel this works better for everyone if a time for collection is agreed at the time of booking & for a time of return is discussed at time of collection.


Q) What if i'm not in or get called away when you call to drop off ?

A) If you are going to be out when we are going to call round just give us a call to let us know, if we attempt delivery & you aren't there you will have to collect from us. If items are not collected within 4 weeks ironing will be donated to charity (yes this has actually happened in the past)


Q) Do you fold the or hang the clothes up when you return them to me ?
A) That is entirely up you we will normally fold trousers & jeans & hang up tops & shirts. A lot of our customers send their own hangers with the ironing as they prefer those to the wire ones, but it is entirely up to you.


Q) A lot of companies seem to charge different amounts for different things & we end up paying more than we thought, do you charge differently per item ?
A) No we don't we don't like to cause any confusion so our flat rate is £1 per item .The only thing we do say is that bedding does take a long time to iron so that counts as 3 items just because of the size compared to normal clothing.